Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Trial Balance

Trial Balance from 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Account NameTypeO/P BalanceDebit TotalCredit TotalC/L Balance
AssetsGroup0.00Dr 32450.00Cr 25027.00Dr 7423.00
      Current assetGroup0.
      Current AssetsGroup0.00Dr 20000.00Cr 20012.00Cr 12.00
            CASH HYPLLedger0.00Dr 20000.00Cr 20012.00Cr 12.00
            saving bank account Group0.
                  skye bank saving accountLedger0.
      MaterialGroup0.00Dr 12450.00Cr 5015.00Dr 7435.00
            Jamatul Flah yardLedger0.00Dr 12450.00Cr 5015.00Dr 7435.00
      Fixed DepositGroup0.
Liabilities and Owners EquityGroup0.00Dr 10000.00Cr 5000.00Dr 5000.00
      TDS ON PROF FEES 10%Ledger0.
      Penerimaan DepositGroup0.00Dr 10000.00Cr 5000.00Dr 5000.00
            Simpanan AnggotaLedger0.00Dr 10000.00Cr 5000.00Dr 5000.00
IncomesGroupCr 20000.00Dr 600.00Cr 600.00Cr 20000.00
      Sundry debitorsGroupCr 20000.00Dr 600.00Cr 600.00Cr 20000.00
            brave techLedger0.00Dr 600.00Cr 600.000.00
            STUDENT 1Ledger0.
            test12GroupCr 20000.000.000.00Cr 20000.00
                  assetsLedgerCr 20000.000.000.00Cr 20000.00
ExpensesGroupDr 10000.00Dr 275650.00Cr 1010.00Dr 284640.00
      Petty CashLedger0.00Dr 500.00Cr 500.000.00
      rentLedger0.00Dr 270000.000.00Dr 270000.00
      TDS 10%Ledger0.
      testExpensesLedgerDr 10000.000.000.00Dr 10000.00
      INDIRECT EXP Group0.00Dr 5150.00Cr 510.00Dr 4640.00
            ELECTRICITY EXPLedger0.00Dr 5150.00Cr 510.00Dr 4640.00
            TEACHER 1Ledger0.
            LEGAL & PROF FEESLedger0.
TOTALDr 318700.00Cr 31637.00