Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Trial Balance

Trial Balance from 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Account NameTypeO/P BalanceDebit TotalCredit TotalC/L Balance
Liabilities and Owners EquityGroup0.
IncomesGroupCr 2500.00Dr 400.00Cr 115100.00Cr 117200.00
      SaleLedger0.000.00Cr 10000.00Cr 10000.00
      Sundry debitorsGroupCr 2500.00Dr 400.00Cr 105100.00Cr 107200.00
            brave techLedgerCr 2500.00Dr 100.00Cr 100.00Cr 2500.00
            test12Group0.00Dr 300.00Cr 105000.00Cr 104700.00
                  assetsLedger0.00Dr 300.00Cr 105000.00Cr 104700.00
ExpensesGroupDr 10000.00Dr 655650.00Cr 4300.00Dr 661350.00
      Petty CashLedger0.00Dr 500.00Cr 4300.00Cr 3800.00
      rentLedger0.00Dr 650000.000.00Dr 650000.00
      TDS 10%Ledger0.
      testExpensesLedgerDr 10000.000.000.00Dr 10000.00
      INDIRECT EXP Group0.00Dr 5150.000.00Dr 5150.00
            ELECTRICITY EXPLedger0.00Dr 5150.000.00Dr 5150.00
TOTALDr 656050.00Cr 119400.00