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01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Trial Balance

Trial Balance from 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Account NameTypeO/P BalanceDebit TotalCredit TotalC/L Balance
Liabilities and Owners EquityGroupDr 75500.000.000.00Dr 75500.00
      Current LiabilitiesGroupDr 42500.000.000.00Dr 42500.00
            Maintenance reservation staircaseLedgerDr 7500.000.000.00Dr 7500.00
            Maintenance reservation general.LedgerDr 35000.000.000.00Dr 35000.00
      Equity.GroupDr 33000.000.000.00Dr 33000.00
            Prior years incomeLedgerDr 15000.000.000.00Dr 15000.00
            Current years incomeLedgerDr 18000.000.000.00Dr 18000.00
IncomesGroupCr 6500.000.00Cr 1200.00Cr 7700.00
      Sales AccountGroupCr 4500.000.00Cr 1200.00Cr 5700.00
            Tech Sales AccountLedgerCr 4500.000.00Cr 1200.00Cr 5700.00
      Direct IncomeGroupCr 5500.000.000.00Cr 5500.00
            Tech Direct IncomeLedgerCr 5500.000.000.00Cr 5500.00
      Indirect IncomeGroupDr 3500.000.000.00Dr 3500.00
            Tech Indirect IncomeLedgerDr 3500.000.000.00Dr 3500.00
ExpensesGroupDr 4800.00Dr 1200.000.00Dr 6000.00
      Purchase Account GroupDr 2500.00Dr 1200.000.00Dr 3700.00
            Tech Purchase AccountLedgerDr 2500.00Dr 1200.000.00Dr 3700.00
      Direct ExpenseGroupDr 2300.000.000.00Dr 2300.00
            Tech Direct ExpensesLedgerDr 2300.000.000.00Dr 2300.00
TOTALDr 1200.00Cr 1200.00