Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Profit and Loss Statement


Note : In opening Profit and Loss Statement all ledgers and groups balance must be zero.
Note : Leave start date as empty if you want statement from the start of the financial year.
Note : Leave end date as empty if you want statement till the end of the financial year.


Closing Profit and Loss Statement as on 31-Mar-2015
Gross Expenses (Dr) Amount
Purchase Account Dr 3700.00
      Tech Purchase AccountDr 3700.00      
Direct ExpenseDr 2300.00
      Tech Direct ExpensesDr 2300.00      
Gross Incomes (Cr) Amount
Sales AccountCr 5700.00
      Tech Sales AccountCr 5700.00      
Indirect IncomeDr 3500.00
      Tech Indirect IncomeDr 3500.00      
Total Gross ExpensesDr 6000.00
Total 6000.00
Total Gross IncomesCr 2200.00
Gross Loss C/O3800.00
Total 6000.00
Net Expenses (Dr) Amount
Net Incomes (Cr) Amount
Direct IncomeCr 5500.00
      Tech Direct IncomeCr 5500.00      
Total Expenses0.00
Gross Loss B/F3800.00
Net Profit1700.00
Total 5500.00
Total IncomesCr 5500.00
Total 5500.00