Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
Balance Sheet


Note : Leave start date as empty if you want statement from the start of the financial year.
Note : Leave end date as empty if you want statement till the end of the financial year.


Closing Balance Sheet as on 31-Mar-2015
Liabilities and Owners Equity (Cr) Amount
Current LiabilitiesDr 5000.00
      Tech Current LiabilitiesDr 5000.00      
Loans(Liabilities)Dr 2000.00
      Tech Loans(Liabilities)Dr 2000.00      
Suspense AccountDr 1000.00
      Tech Suspense AccountDr 1000.00      
Branch/DivisionDr 6000.00
      Tech Branch/DivisionDr 6000.00      
Assets (Dr) Amount
Miscellaneous Expense (Assets)Cr 232.00
      Tech Miscellaneous ExpensesCr 232.00      
Bank AccountDr 170900.00
      TechTech Bank Account Dr 900.00      
      Another LedgerDr 170000.00      
asdfasdfasdfasdfDr 123.00
Total Liability and Owners EquityDr 14000.00
Profit & Loss Account (Net Profit)1700.00
Total AssetsDr 170791.00
Diff in O/P BalanceCr 758734763.68