Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
List Of Entries

Date Number Ledger Type Tag Debit Amount Credit Amount Actions
31-Mar-20151234570Dr asd / Cr AAANIKContraDr 500.00Cr 500.00 View Edit Delete
31-Mar-2015332Dr HSBC / Cr AAANIKReceiptDr 3333.00Cr 3333.00 View Edit Delete
30-Mar-2015900Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr ABC companyReceiptDr 200.00Cr 200.00 View Edit Delete
30-Mar-20151233Dr 123 / Cr sbt_palarivatt...ContraDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
28-Mar-2015111Dr AAANIK / Cr A1-LReceiptDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
28-Mar-2015420Dr sbt_palarivatt... [+] / Cr ABC company [+]ReceiptDr 1500.00Cr 1500.00 View Edit Delete
28-Mar-2015111432423435Dr abc [+] / Cr ACReceiptDr 240020000.00Cr 240020000.00 View Edit Delete
28-Mar-2015111432423437Dr abhishek [+] / Cr Owner Equity [+]ReceiptDr 1580000.00Cr 1580000.00 View Edit Delete
27-Mar-2015136641647Dr aaa / Cr abcJournalDr 1111.00Cr 1111.00 View Edit Delete
26-Mar-2015136641645Dr A1-L / Cr AddidasJournalDr 10000.00Cr 10000.00 View Edit Delete
26-Mar-2015345345Dr abrenica / Cr ABXReceiptasdaDr 555555.00Cr 555555.00 View Edit Delete
26-Mar-201512300000000000002Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr sbt_palarivatt...PaymentDr 2000.00Cr 2000.00 View Edit Delete
26-Mar-2015111111111111111111Dr Accounting [+] / Cr AccountingReceiptDr 72000.00Cr 72000.00 View Edit Delete
25-Mar-201512345Dr Cash in Hand / Cr A1-LReceiptasdaDr 25.00Cr 25.00 View Edit Delete
25-Mar-2015111432423439Dr bank1 / Cr ledger-subReceiptDr 600000.00Cr 600000.00 View Edit Delete
22-Mar-201512345Dr testmayur [+] / Cr testmayurPaymentasdaDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-201510012Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr Accounting [+]ReceiptDr 210.00Cr 210.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-2015136641641Dr abc / Cr apple fashionJournalDr 1500.00Cr 1500.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-2015136641646Dr ERROR / Cr ERRORJournal0.000.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-201592849Dr Petty Cash / Cr ABC companyPaymentasdaDr 2000.00Cr 2000.00 View Edit Delete