Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
List Of Entries

Date Number Ledger Type Tag Debit Amount Credit Amount Actions
19-Mar-2015136641641Dr abc / Cr apple fashionJournalDr 1500.00Cr 1500.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-20151Dr 123 / Cr 123ContraDr 12.00Cr 12.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-20154454Dr 420 / Cr 420jhReceiptDr 200.00Cr 200.00 View Edit Delete
02-Mar-2015136641642Dr AC / Cr shubhamJournalDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
02-Mar-20151Dr Bibek a/c / Cr Cash in HandReceiptDr 5000.00Cr 5000.00 View Edit Delete