Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
List Of Entries

Date Number Ledger Type Tag Debit Amount Credit Amount Actions
31-Mar-2015123456789123475Dr LeaseRent / Cr aaa [+]ReceiptDr 10000.00Cr 10000.00 View Edit Delete
31-Mar-2015999Dr contigency / Cr bank-PNB [+]PaymentasdaDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
25-Mar-201521123456Dr computer / Cr Bank CashReceiptDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
21-Mar-2015666666666666666691Dr *Aktiva Lancar*... / Cr *Aktiva Lancar*...JournalDr 10.00Cr 10.00 View Edit Delete
21-Mar-2015333Dr aaaa / Cr 2016.12.12ReceiptDr 200.00Cr 200.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015559845Dr Table / Cr TableReceiptDr 15000.00Cr 15000.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-201512122Dr *Aktiva Lancar*... / Cr asfdJournalDr 150.00Cr 150.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015544545455481Dr Cash A/C / Cr TYesteerReceiptasdaDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015234564654651Dr A2 Bank / Cr Table [+]ReceiptDr 50000.00Cr 50000.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015545454545454545457Dr 123456 / Cr Allah BankPaymentasdaDr 900.00Cr 900.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-201512012Dr asfd / Cr adjustment testJournalasdaDr 6200.00Cr 6200.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-20152121213232Dr Anil Computers / Cr Allah BankPaymentasdaDr 4000.00Cr 4000.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015545454545454545493Dr A2 Bank [+] / Cr 3m companyPaymentDr 500.00Cr 500.00 View Edit Delete
20-Mar-2015234234Dr Eximuz No bank ... / Cr Alhind Vellayam...JournalDr 2000000.00Cr 2000000.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-2015111111111111111113Dr Electricity / Cr Electricity [+]ContraasdaDr 12.00Cr 12.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-2015545454545454545474Dr Advertisement / Cr Account Receiva...PaymentDr 20.00Cr 20.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-201512345Dr Asif / Cr dadaPaymentDr 430.00Cr 430.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-2015555Dr Oraly / Cr aaaReceiptDr 20000.00Cr 20000.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-20151324324532Dr BRI / Cr Bank AlfalahReceiptDr 10001.00Cr 10001.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-20152133123Dr ABC / Cr Bank AlfalahPaymentasdaDr 50000.00Cr 50000.00 View Edit Delete