Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
List Of Entries

Date Number Ledger Type Tag Debit Amount Credit Amount Actions
31-Mar-20151235555466585Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr 999999999999999... [+]ReceiptDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-201512387987Dr الرز / Cr 123PaymentDr 300.00Cr 300.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-20151235555466579Dr MahmoodBora / Cr AddidasReceiptDr 99.00Cr 99.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-2015100Dr 123 / Cr ACReceiptDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-20159750513416Dr Bank BCA / Cr abc [+]PaymentDr 10000.00Cr 10000.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-201510909Dr arihant courier / Cr avvv111JournalDr 20000.00Cr 20000.00 View Edit Delete
12-Mar-2015234234Dr Addidas / Cr ABC Whole salle...JournalasdaDr 3400.00Cr 3400.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-2015102Dr Bank Account No... / Cr ABC companyPaymentDr 4000.00Cr 4000.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-201512452Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr ABC companyPaymentDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-201566667Dr Caixa / Cr cash ledgerReceiptDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-2015234Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr 123ReceiptDr 23.00Cr 23.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-20155355Dr brave tech / Cr BradescoContraasdaDr 10.00Cr 10.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-20158484Dr GALedger [+] / Cr assets [+]JournalDr 130000.00Cr 130000.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-201512331Dr DCT / Cr Amen AJournalDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
11-Mar-201510101112Dr atul / Cr DCTJournalasdaDr 2000.00Cr 2000.00 View Edit Delete
10-Mar-2015101010101010101013Dr cash / Cr apple fashionJournalDr 5000.00Cr 5000.00 View Edit Delete
10-Mar-20151235555466563Dr Cash Book / Cr apple fashionReceiptDr 27000.00Cr 27000.00 View Edit Delete
10-Mar-20154512Dr ABC company / Cr cashReceiptDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
10-Mar-2015667656Dr sbt_palarivatt... / Cr SBT KodalyPaymentDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
10-Mar-20158978978Dr Travel Expenses / Cr Cash in HandPaymentDr 9.00Cr 9.00 View Edit Delete