Demo (change)
01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015
List Of Entries

Date Number Ledger Type Tag Debit Amount Credit Amount Actions
31-Mar-20151234567909Dr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... / Cr ABC companyPaymentDr 1000.00Cr 1000.00 View Edit Delete
31-Mar-20151234567910Dr 466 / Cr 466PaymentDr 4000.00Cr 4000.00 View Edit Delete
31-Mar-20155072072Dr Expenses / Cr Bank BCAPaymentDr 500.00Cr 500.00 View Edit Delete
27-Mar-20155250Dr cash [+] / Cr Addidas [+]JournalDr 24351.00Cr 24351.00 View Edit Delete
26-Mar-2015121212Dr andrian [+] / Cr andrian [+]ReceiptDr 26500.00Cr 26500.00 View Edit Delete
23-Mar-20151Dr Ashad / Cr VolkbsbankPaymentDr 90000.00Cr 90000.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-20151234567908Dr ABC company / Cr Bank Account No...PaymentDr 5000.00Cr 5000.00 View Edit Delete
19-Mar-20151Dr assets / Cr A1-LJournalasdaDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-2015101010101010101020Dr andrian / Cr cashJournalDr 100000.00Cr 100000.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-20151234567907Dr boxi / Cr 123PaymentDr 9.00Cr 9.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-201544Dr Petty Cash / Cr Test Suleman Le...ReceiptDr 333.00Cr 333.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-2015667658Dr Amen A / Cr CASH HYPLPaymentDr 12.00Cr 12.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-201554321Dr ledger-test / Cr cashReceiptDr 50.00Cr 50.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-2015909094Dr Tst account / Cr Tst accountPaymentDr 100.00Cr 100.00 View Edit Delete
18-Mar-20151010101011Dr Bank BCA / Cr sbt_palarivatt...ReceiptDr 120000.00Cr 120000.00 View Edit Delete
17-Mar-20151234567903Dr cash / Cr ExpensesPaymentasdaDr 103.00Cr 103.00 View Edit Delete
17-Mar-2015101010101010101018Dr abc [+] / Cr asa kaJournalDr 10000.00Cr 10000.00 View Edit Delete
16-Mar-20155654Dr andrian / Cr apple fashionJournalDr 300.00Cr 300.00 View Edit Delete
16-Mar-20151000Dr ABC company [+] / Cr Amen AReceiptDr 150000.00Cr 150000.00 View Edit Delete
16-Mar-20151235555466567Dr asd / Cr asa kaReceiptDr 5000.00Cr 5000.00 View Edit Delete