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Released Version 1.0-beta3

Webzash Version 1.0-beta3 release !

Major features include :
- Ledger A/C Reconciliation

Screenshot :

Released Version 1.0-beta2

Webzash Version 1.0-beta2 release !

Major features include :
- User authentication
- Role based permissions
- Voucher auto numbering
- Ability to Lock a account and make it read only
- Updated all SQL queries with active record queries (will allow support for multiple database backed eg: sqlite, postgres, oracle, etc)
- Removed support for Draft vouchers
- Help and FAQ section
- Tooltips

Changes for Version 1.0-beta2

Major changes for the upcoming version 1.0-beta2

- Removed support for draft vouchers
- User authentication and role based permissions
- Voucher auto numbering

Installing Webash

For installing Webzash you need to make sure that the Apache mod_rewrite is enabled otherwise you will get a "Internal Server Error". Another way is to delete the .htaccess file in the root folder of your webzash setup.

Below are instructions to enable mod_rewrite :

Released Version 1.0-beta1

Webzash Version 1.0-beta1 release !

Features Include :
- Account Groups
- Account Ledgers
- Vouchers (Receipt, Payment, Journal, Contra)
- Draft Vouchers
- Tag Vouchers
- Reports (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial balance, Ledger Statement)
- Account Backup
- Account Carry Forward to Next Year

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