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Version 1.0 Available

We are pleased to announce the Webzash Version 1.0 !

Webzash moves out of beta and is now stable for everyday use. Also planning for next version of Webzash has started. One of the major feature targeted for next version of Webzash is stocks. Those who are interested in helping us with planning and development of next version of Webzash please contact us through the feedback form.

Released Version 1.0-beta3

Webzash Version 1.0-beta3 release !

Major features include :
- Ledger A/C Reconciliation

Screenshot :

Released Version 1.0-beta2

Webzash Version 1.0-beta2 release !

Major features include :
- User authentication
- Role based permissions
- Voucher auto numbering
- Ability to Lock a account and make it read only
- Updated all SQL queries with active record queries (will allow support for multiple database backed eg: sqlite, postgres, oracle, etc)
- Removed support for Draft vouchers
- Help and FAQ section
- Tooltips

Changes for Version 1.0-beta2

Major changes for the upcoming version 1.0-beta2

- Removed support for draft vouchers
- User authentication and role based permissions
- Voucher auto numbering

Installing Webash

For installing Webzash you need to make sure that the Apache mod_rewrite is enabled otherwise you will get a "Internal Server Error". Another way is to delete the .htaccess file in the root folder of your webzash setup.

Below are instructions to enable mod_rewrite :

Released Version 1.0-beta1

Webzash Version 1.0-beta1 release !

Features Include :
- Account Groups
- Account Ledgers
- Vouchers (Receipt, Payment, Journal, Contra)
- Draft Vouchers
- Tag Vouchers
- Reports (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial balance, Ledger Statement)
- Account Backup
- Account Carry Forward to Next Year

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