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Version 1.7 Available

Switched to Apache License, Version 2.0 !

Version 1.6 Available

Fixed some bugs

Version 1.5 Available

Major change in this release is renaming voucher to entry. This was the most sort after change and it required a lot of changes in the code and database. Also included is a automatic update script to make this easy.

Also Merry Christmas !

Version 1.4 Available

After a long time we are pleased to announce Webzash Version 1.4 !

Version 1.3 Available

We are pleased to announce Webzash Version 1.3 !

Go grab it from the download page...

Upcoming major changes to Webzash

We have lots of changes for the next version of Webzash.

To summarize the major changes that we are working on :

- Renamed "Voucher" to "Entry". This was the biggest complain that I had received from users. It has been fixed in the most recent git tree of Webzash.
- Added support for basic "Inventory"

Webzash Development

Sweet !

Version 1.2 Available

We are pleased to announce Webzash Version 1.2 !

Major features include :
- Dynamic Voucher Types
- Added support for empty voucher numbers

Special Thanks to H Maeda again for his support on dynamic voucher types :)

Version 1.1 Available

We are pleased to announce Webzash Version 1.1 !

Major features include :
- Lots of bug fixes and usability improvements
- Added Application shortcuts

Special thanks to Brian and H. Maeda for this release.

User Interface Designers

We need help of User Interface Designer for cleaning up the user interface and making it more user friendly. If you are a UX Designer and have some spare time, please do let us know.

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