Welcome to Webzash !

Easy to use free and open source web based double entry accounting software written in PHP - MySQL

Benifits :

  • Free and Open Source under MIT License
  • No setup required
  • Works on "Shared Hosting" environment
  • Community driven
  • PHP 5+ Supported
  • MySQL and Postgres SQL Server Supported

Features :

  • Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers)
  • Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal, etc)
  • Ledger account reconciliation
  • Tag entries
  • Reports include Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance and Ledger Statement, Reconciliation Report, etc
  • Download Reports in CSV / XLS format
  • User authentication and roles
  • User action logs
  • Full support for MySQL database transactions to maintain data integrity
  • Support for multiple accounts

Version 2.6 Available

Webzash version 2.6 is now available for download.

Version 2.5 Available

Webzash version 2.5 is now available for download.


- Add experimental support for Postgres SQL Database

Version 2.4 Available

Webzash version 2.4 is now available for download.


- Add custom decimal places
- Add currency format option
- Add account code to group and ledger accounts

It supports automatic updating from previous version of webzash.

Version 2.3 Available

Webzash version 2.3 is now available for download.


- Support third party login (Joomla)
- Support hotkeys
- Use select2 for selecting ledgers in entires and reports
- Fix pagination bug

If you want to update from previous 2.x version read this guide.

Version 2.2 Available

Webzash version 2.2 is now available for download.


- Show ledgers and groups in tree format
- Add support for printing and downloading xml reports
- Swap assets and liabilities sides in balance sheet
- Load the application as root url
- Add system information page

Version 2.1 Available

Webzash version 2.1 is now available for download.

Version 2.0 Available

Webzash version 2.0 is now available for download.

- Switched to CakePHP
- Switched to sqlite3 for master data
- Add notes to ledger account
- Use database reference keys and trigger to maintain data integrity
- All primary id are bigint(64) from int(32)
- Add date range to all reports
- Support large numbers upto 23 places

Version 1.7 Available

Switched to Apache License, Version 2.0 !

Version 1.6 Available

Fixed some bugs

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